Sunday, 15 January 2012

Filling in the gaps, or not.

I’m still putting music on Sibelius today, and filling in gaps in my sketches. There’s a bit in an aria that Amy sings that has an ascending chordal line in the orchestral parts, and (as I’m putting it all in piano reduction first (a necessity as there’s a workshop I’m preparing for on the 8th Feb and I have to have something to give the pianist - I’d rather write it in almost-full score straight away, or somewhere in between...)) the whole thing is littered with slurs and ties (notes will stack up on top of each other, so each note continues to be held under the next note when it comes in). It’s taking ages just making it look understandable, mucking about with stems going up or down etc.

I’m having to bribe myself to get a certain number of bars done before I can have a break. Sometimes it’s really satisfying getting everything down on paper but today it’s too much of a hassle. I want to get going on new material but I have to make this presentable for the performers and so I’ve filled in the bits where my sketches are complete and am egging myself on to close the gaps between these bits. It’s a pity I’ve already had lunch (ridiculously early in the name of “doing-something-other-than-working-out-what-goes-in-that-bar) as otherwise I could procrastinate over that. Perhaps I’ll just have to have another lunch...

On the other hand I could have probably filled in the gap I left to write this post in the time that I wrote this. Ah well. Time to stop whining and just get on with it.

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  1. hi.. would you by any chance have sheet music/chords for "Wonderful Amy"? I want to play it in a 1930s tribute band I'm in.
    thanks Graham.