Friday, 13 January 2012

Becoming frightfully inspired...

Everything seems to be going right today. This is really quite unusual. My usual compositional practice involves an almost constant state of very low level frustration that I’m not managing to put down on paper what’s in my head, or what’s roughly in my head but not quite because I can’t work out what’s actually in my head, or could potentially be in my head if I could stop wandering off from the piano every five minutes to do something inane and pointless instead, and I spend the whole day clutching at musical straws just coming up with a pathetic copy of would be in my head if I could only reach it.

But today, everything is inspiring, and things just seem to be working, sometimes without any effort at all. I’m sure it’s just because my composing muscles are pretty warmed up now, and I think I’ve lived with the characters long enough to be able to instinctively know how they would think about something or express something.

I think I’d be quite annoying to live with today though. I’m behaving like some parody of a romantic poet and wandering around marveling at everything. A crow flying past, getting tossed about on the air currents, just gave me a really good idea for a phrase. Ah well, best just enjoy it as I’m sure it won’t last.

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